Annual Meeting 2022

Standing Rules

The Convention today will be asked to act on the following recommended “Standing Rules” for this annual meeting:

  1. All reports, motions, resolutions or amendments to the constitution, bylaws or articles of incorporation shall be submitted by a registered messenger to the body, then sent to the recording secretary in writing, legibly signed by the maker and shall include their name, address, church membership and phone number where they can be reached during the convention.
  2. All motions requiring a vote not scheduled on the agenda must be introduced by the close of the Monday business meeting. Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws must also be introduced by the close of the Monday business meeting.
  3. All resolutions must be submitted by the close of the Monday Business session.
  4. To obtain the floor, a messenger shall approach the microphone, address the chair, give his or her name and church and wait to be recognized.
  5. Discussion or debate and nomination speeches shall be limited to three minutes for each speaker. There may be no more than one nomination speech per candidate.
  6. No messenger shall speak more than once on the same question or topic until all have spoken who wish to do so.
  7. The chair shall recognize messengers wishing to speak to each side of the question alternately.
  8. All messengers who attend and participate in the business meetings of the convention shall conduct themselves in keeping with the stated objectives of the Constitution of Texas Baptists.
  9. Voting shall be conducted by voice or by the raising of ballots by messengers. Division of the assembly shall be conducted by messengers standing and raising ballots. The president, by his/ her own decision, may order a vote by ballot.
  10. In the election of officers, if no nominee receives a majority vote of the messengers, there shall be a runoff election between the two nominees who received the greatest number of votes on the first ballot.